How to remove Windows 10 activation message?

How to remove Windows 10 activation message?

Hello hi in General came to our House Windows 10, how much of it saying that it’s a failure, or that it’s incredibly good OS, how many had there been no conversations in the end very much did pereselo on this OS. But also very much left on Windows 7. Many users are looking for ways to further activate Windows without buying 10, but why? Why users don’t notice that now Windows 10 also works fine without activation!

Yes, Yes, without activating Windows 10 works fine, long, just after four hours of work, in the lower right corner is the message Windows product activation. But for me windows keys sale personally it does not and it is especially done in color, so as not to disturb. Oh yes, in addition to this message still blocked windows 10 product key free section of personalization. But like it’s not so terrible constraints to look for some ways to activate Windows. Well, how could there have been, it is my opinion … smile

Here is the post:

And here’s the second jamb, which I also do not think particularly significant:

As a bonus you will say that you can change the colour of tiles even unactivated Windows 10 and it does not need to pump some dubious windows 10 product key generator progs or edit any registry keys. Everything is much easier, see zazhimaete button Win + R, Run window opens, where you write the following command:

rundll32.exe shell32.dll, Control_RunDLL desk.cpl, Advanced, @Advanced

And then this will appear a window where you can change the color of the tiles:


You see, so some that still can be configured. While not everyone is like you cannot set the color of the title bar of the window, I myself don’t know exactly, because I just don’t need this feature.

Windows 10 Pro Product Keys

Everything else works fine, Windows 10 updates, no limits, everything works like a clock. No sudden shutdowns, lockups, black screens, messages or anything — lock No. I personally will tell you a secret, that in the future I think buy Windows 10, well simply because I hardly live in this Windows and wants to somehow windows 10 product key 2016 thank Microsoft for quality OS. Although, someone this approach seems silly, especially considering that this license does not worth a 10 nor 20 dollars. I mean that many sites offer license key for little money. I do not advise to use such sites because it is scammers. Official license costs ranging from approximately 150-dollars, well, about as much as. .. smile

And finally, I will say this, believe it or not. Although it seems that you seriously sense. In General, I don’t recommend using illegal methods of activating Windows, because Windows 10 product key buy  there is a great risk that you get only problems. Firstly it is viruses and viruses again. Many so-called activators are viruses or Trojans, most of them would say have a hidden type of work. That is, they begin to perform when you’ve already forgotten about when installed Windows 10. This is specifically done to ward off suspicion.

In General, that’s all, won’t you ship this infoj. I wanted to just bring that Windows operates without activation QUIETLY 10 — long and stable. And I advise her or buy or just use without activation. Although, actually, and there is no special difference.

I hope that I wrote everything is clear and accessible. Good luck to you and to all of you have been good