10 Windows Phone chips, which you did not know

10 Windows Phone chips, which you did not know

The main task of any mobile operating system to be user-friendly and intuitive for the user. However, this does not negate the fact that the OS is a very complex thing. And that means can conceal many surprises even for experienced users. Today we will tell you about ten Windows Phone 8.1 functions , many of which users do not even realize.

“Application” and “Corner Kids”

Like it or not, a smartphone still is a personal thing. But often there are situations when someone asks to see the gadget, and the user does not want the contents of the device were dug to strangers. Or, for example, the child wants to play with toys on a Smartphone. It is not usledish’, he might accidentally call windows 7 product key 64 bit professional somewhere or buy applications. How to be?

Windows Phone 8.1 has convenient functions is called “application” and “Corner Kids”. They allow you to create generic profiles for “guest” users and Smartphone owner decides which applications at this point will be active. Also in “Corner, you can limit the application steps visitors: for example, to block the inclusion of cameras, notification Center, device settings, and even system keys.


Mode “in the car”

Distracted by calls while driving not just prohibited by the rules of the road. By using the mode “in the car” on your Smartphone with Windows Phone 8.1 the user can skip voice calls and SMS, sending automatic messages that currently cannot answer because it is behind the wheel. When you add a specific Bluetooth device and connect to a smartphone will automatically include “mode in the car. Thus important action easily becomes cheap windows 7 product key automatic and does not take the user time. And yet, like all automatic things, impossible to forget about it.

Spam filter

Now people are trying to appreciate their time and not spend it on empty talk. Most likely everyone had to communicate with certain intrusive, trying to sell something unnecessary or useless to invite to the event. System application “spam filter” Windows Phone 8.1 allows you to easily and quickly add in the “black list” of any unwanted callers. The application is also able to block the hidden numbers display on the tile number of blocked calls and notify blocked calls or messages.
Download offline maps

Sitting at home or moving to a friend when the city that the mobile Internet may suddenly disappear. But if you go from Metropolis away or even to go on vacation windows 10 product key 2016 or a business trip in another country, then it can become a problem. Therefore it is worth to take care about navigation in advance by downloading the Windows Phone smartphone 8.1 map data for use in offline mode. This is relevant because the cards not only help you navigate the terrain, but also contain useful information about sights, entertainment facilities, shops and other useful sites.
Keyboard Word Flow

8.1 Windows Phone very easy to quickly recruit texts using Word Flow, which is expressed by a well-known counterpart Swype. The operating windows 7 professional product key principle of the familiar: play the finger spell and then alogoritm himself selects the desired word, or offer options. Speed dial thanks to this after a little practice grows at times. By the way, Word Flow function on the keyboard Windows Phone 8.1 has helped student Gauramu Sharma to enter the Guinness Book of records as the fastest man on the planet, print text on a Smartphone with a touchscreen.
Switching phone calls on VoIP

Make calls to other cities and countries is a rather expensive pleasure. For receiving such calls also usually have to pay, but Windows Phone 8.1 can reduce the costs of the user. The system allows one-touch virtual buttons to switch from a voice call to a VoIP application, provided of course that the person you have in your contacts list, the desired windows 10 professional key purchase program. For example, you can quickly transfer a phone conversation in Skype.
Address book integration with vkontakte

In one of the previous versions of the system users were able to integrate tape hub Facebook contacts, but in Russia is extremely important and another social network “vkontakte”. Recent Windows Phone 8.1 users can integrate their phone book and with it. Special function automatically adds phone book numbers, mail and cover photos from the pages of the user’s friends. Also in the hub “contacts”, you can view our RSS feed “vkontakte”. Download a special application or even just go to the website of VK is not required.

Its tile for each mailbox

How do you email boxes? Three? Five? It is possible for each upload your application, and can be painfully switch between them using the list in one program. Windows Phone 8.1, no matter how much the user did not have mailboxes, each can be placed on the desktop and get on-line access to it forever. With the default system windows product key buy contains settings for the most popular email services, including Gmail and Yandex iCloud email.
Application selection-camera

If Windows Phone User 8.1 suddenly not comfortable preinstalled application to control the camera. He simply chooses the most convenient alternative and assigns it as the standard. Go to the camera settings, and find a drop down menu with a choice of available applications.
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